Experience Joseph McClendon III LIVE

Whether you want to shift your mindset, find your true purpose, attract the life and lifestyle you desire or enhance your ability to impact others. There is nothing on the planet like a live event with Joseph McClendon III. Discover exactly how you function as a human being and most importantly, how to use that information to get and sustain the absolute best out of yourself.

In health, wealth, happiness or all of the above. Virtually all successful people possess these four, core attributes. A powerful mindset (Psychology), abundant energy, magnetism (attraction & Manifestation) sand a relentless thirst to develop and grow themselves personally. Be among the few who do versus the many who wish and wait. Join Joseph McClendon Live and life will never be the same again.

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Magnetic Success Summit

It's time to OWN and APPLY the most powerful skill you have for creating the future that you desire. Every skill evolves—and with it, so grows our effectiveness and pace. Everything that you know about rapid Achievement, Success, Productivity, and Abundance is incomplete, ineffective, and obsolete. It's time to EVOLVE.

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The Ultimate Performance
Presentation Academy

The Presentation Factor is a dynamic two-day event designed to assist you in creating and delivering powerful, impact-filled performances and events that inspire your audience and empower them to take action. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, your effectiveness in front of the room will determine the results that you get.



January 23-26 — D. Tennant event, Dallas

January 28 — Van Jones Private event Los Angeles

January 30-31  Pruvit Event Las Vegas

February 20-23 — Anthony Wellington Bass camp. FL. Keys

March 2-3 — Guatemala Private event

March 7 — Ripped event Newport Beach, Ca. 

March 12-15 — UPW San Jose Ca.

April 3-4 — Pruvit Event Dallas

April 17-18 — Australia DWD Leadership

May 21-24 — UPW London

July 16-19 — UPW Chicago

September 10-13  Leadership San Diego

September 17-20 — UPW Sidney Australia

November 12-16 — UPW Newark NJ

November 20-22 — E factor in Italy

November 27-29 — A Factor Netherlands

December 2-4  DWD Florida


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