Where Neuroscience Meets The Immutable
Laws Of Attraction

It’s time to OWN and APPLY the most powerful skill you have for creating the future that you desire. Every skill evolves—and with it, so grows our effectiveness and pace.

Everything that you know about rapid Achievement, Success, Productivity, and Abundance is incomplete, ineffective, and obsolete. It’s time to EVOLVE.

We are all aware of those one or two special people that appear to lead charmed lives. The ball always tends to bounce in their favor; they seem luckier than everyone else. They always manage to be in the right place at the right time, and life appears measurably easier for them with much, much less effort. It wouldn’t surprise you to find out that these few individuals have something unique about them, something that sets them apart from the vast majority. Knowingly or unknowingly, this element is applied to their lives resulting in a seemingly blessed existence.

Let there be no mistake—good fortune, happenstance, coincidence, fate, and even luck are all a huge part of rapid and sustained success and abundance.

Well, here is the real secret… It’s all MANUFACTURED!

From the moment you arrived kicking and screaming into this world, you have possessed that same amazing element—the power to literally and deliberately influence the world around you to favor your desires. It came with the package called Life, and it is your birthright to stimulate the universe to flow in your favor and to actively bring into your life the situations, circumstances, and even the material things that you desire.

What’s more… You have been using this tool your entire life.

All of us were born to do great things, but few do simply because they don’t know how to harness the awesome power of their mind, spirit, and body. Now, I am going to show you how to dramatically magnify your God-given skill to the point that you become a virtual magnet for success, and together we are going to do it and create results in real time.

It’s science

It’s no longer just conjecture, theory, or metaphysical cosmic hearsay. It’s not a “secret” or something reserved for kings and queens. It’s real, hard-core, tangible, teachable science. It’s an exciting skillset that produces results.



Physically master the mechanics of Further Faster Life

Magnetic Success is a powerful, 2-day live event with Joseph McClendon III designed to give you the tools and the experience to tap into the most powerful gift you possess to supercharge your assets, crush your limitations, and attract the life you desire.

At magnetic success summit you ‘will:
  • Create momentum in your life by harnessing focused manifestation and deliberate attraction
  • Discover your own personal drive and pull it, harness it, fortify it, and reinstall it into your nervous system to create the best possible version of you available.
  • Create an impenetrable identity that serves as a powerful foundation to your success
Day one: The Amazing Laws of Deliberate Magnetic Attraction Experience.
  • You will actively practice the system and process that Joseph McClendon III has used to transform the lives of thousands of souls world-wide.
  • Learn Joseph’s personal, simple, step-by-step fundamentals of how to create and attract the situations, circumstances, and even the material things you desire.

Described as “NLP” meets “the Secret,” Joseph McClendon III has brought together neuroscience, the immutable laws of attraction, and 21st century human change technology to usher in a new level of effectiveness to the game.



Luck, good fortune, and coincidence are manufactured ...

Day two: the emotional mechanics experience:

Now that you know how to create and attract what it is that you desire for your life, it’s time to rid yourself of the negative emotions and behaviors that get in your way.

Procrastination, hesitation, fear of failure, inhibitions, and complacency are all thieves of productivity and stand as barriers in our lives.

  • Discover the s.t.o.p. technique to transform anything in your life permanently
  • Discover exactly what it is that stops you or slows you down
Learn how to immediately arrest your un-resourceful beliefs and behaviours and replace them with ones that serve you at the highest level.
  • Create an internal mechanism that makes the very thing that you feared be the thing that triggers you to default to certainty, confidence, and activity.
  • Develop the habit of defaulting to centered, calm certainty all in real time. At the end of the day, you will leave with an amazing tool to create geometric sustainable change.
Day 2.0: the true you experience
  • Create an unquestioned and unstoppable self-certainty and identity that stands as the foundation to your amazing future.
  • Design the most powerful internal dialogue for yourself and embed it into your nervous system.
  • Imagine having full control of your emotions to the point that fear is no longer a factor in your life—instead you have complete certainty and confidence. What would you do? What would you change, give, be, or accomplish?


The A Factor


Presented by the world-renowned Ultimate Performance Specialist Joseph McClendon III, your exclusive four-day adventure will produce amazing results

Business And Personal

The Magnetic Success Summit is based on three principles. In each phase, you will affix various techniques and exercises directly into practice, thus establishing permanent change. Imagine the transformation you can realize in your life.

Now is your time…

Start your shift RIGHT NOW. Bring yourself and your team to this event so you can acquire those advantages together. Come join me in creating the Best Possible Version of Yourself. From there, together we will learn and apply the tools and the experience to attract to your life the situations, circumstances, and even the material things that you desire.

Your soul yearns for more, and you deserve the absolute best version of yourself now.


“Life is exactly what you dare to make it and fortune favors the bold.
Dare to make your life MAGNIFICENT.”


Joseph McClendon III


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