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Your audience deserves to see, hear and feel how you function at your absolute OPTIMUM.

Picture yourself as a dynamic and inspiring communicator. Imagine the audience actively listening to what you say, engaging with you, and really ‘getting’ the key points in the message you’re sharing with them. Imagine creating a bond with your audience that moves them to action—and ultimately, to measurable results. How awesome would that make you feel?

Whether it’s politics, sales, teaching, business, management, training, acting, music, video, or film, anytime one person is interacting with another, the lion’s share of the spoils always goes to those special individuals who have the ability to dynamically present themselves and their goods and services in a way that effectively impacts people and moves them to action.

Speaking is the process of impacting people with your words. Presenting is empowering people with your words, thoughts, energy, and physiology to take action and bring their vision to fruition.


Dare to be Magnificent

If you have ever had the pleasure of experiencing Joseph McClendon III presentation live, then you know that without question there is something unique and special about this man and the way he presents from the stage. There’s something profoundly infectious about his style, his effectiveness, and his presence. You might not be able to put your finger on it, but you know in your heart that you have been touched deeply and moved by the experience. He’s dynamic, he’s direct, he’s connected, focused, and he exudes a charisma and certainty that is engaging and contagious.

Joseph’s ability to capture an audience’s attention and spur them to take action is truly an experience to behold.

What you might not know is that skill is a product of a system that he uses to create massive value, connection, and impact. Yes… Joseph’s unique style and skill is a process, AND IT CAN BE TAUGHT.

And now for a very short time, Joseph is teaching those tools and secrets to groups of people who desire to be the best in the world at facilitating and impacting others—whether it’s one person or ten thousand.

Whether you are in sales, management, leadership, or just seek to be a powerful influence, if you‘ve ever desired to be a dynamic and charismatic presenter, now is your time to be taught and mentored by the best of the best.

Joseph McClendon III is a world-renowned Ultimate Performance Specialist, public speaker, presenter, and teacher. Having presented to and influenced over 3.5 million people around the world for the past three decades, Joseph has a presence and presenting technique which is formidable to behold.

The Art Of PowerFul Presentations

The Presentation Factor is a dynamic two-day event designed to assist you in creating and delivering powerful, impact-filled performances and events that inspire your audience and empower them to take action. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, your effectiveness in front of the room will determine the results that you get.

The art of dynamic presenting is much, much more than just having the right words to say, looking good, and timing. Presenting is a skill and all skills can be learned and enhanced. Whether you are creating a speech or presentation for information purposes or entertainment, or you have products, goods, and services that you wish to get into the hearts and minds of your audience, it is important to understand the fundamentals first. Once there, secure within yourself the skill of impacting your audience physically, mentally, and emotionally to the point that they take action and produce results.

Understanding the mechanics of what to do before, during, and after the event, why to do it, how to do it, and when to do it will give you a cutting-edge advantage and will serve as a dynamic tool that will accelerate your learning and performing curve.

Joseph’s unique approach to teaching and training makes its learning fun, simple and magical.

Our goal is simple: to assist you in becoming the best you can be in front of the room and onscreen as well as equip you with tools, knowledge and strategies to set up yourself, your team, and your audiences for success. It is my absolute pleasure to present you with this fun, simple, and magical process to enhance who you are and how you impact the world.

Whether you have a topic, or you need one, you will learn how to get into the field of speaking and presenting.

What makes a great speech and a dynamic presentation that touches lives, creates real results, and propels people to take action? What is it that makes some events memorable and life changing? The answer is simple.


The Presentation Factor

Joseph McClendon III is a world-renowned Ultimate Performance Specialist and public presenter. He has influenced more than 3.5 million people from 40 different countries around the globe. Joseph has spent the last three decades learning and acquiring new skills and techniques and has pursued a quest to perfect the art of becoming a Master Communicator. Now for the first time, Joseph will share his secrets to assist you in becoming a Dynamic and Effective Presenter.

This is the definitive edge

Here is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the world’s most awesome speakers. Joseph has a proven track record in professionalism, effectiveness and expertise. Over the course of 2 days, Joseph will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to turn you into a Dynamic, Effective Presenter and communicator.

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“Life is exactly what you dare to make it and fortune favors the bold.
Dare to make your life MAGNIFICENT.”


Joseph McClendon III


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